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Breastfeeding Support

South Australian Breastfeeding Support Services - 2015

Telephone support

Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) www.breastfeeding.asn.au
National Breastfeeding Helpline 1800 Mum to Mum 1800 686 2 686

  • Telephone Counselling  /Email Counselling /In person at group meetings
  • 7 days a week. ABA breastfeeding counsellors are all volunteers and answering calls in their own homes
  • Their area of expertise is breastfeeding management
  • Counsellors are not medically trained and can not give medical advice.

Parent Helpline 1300 364 100 (local call cost within South Australia)
Provided by the Women's and Children's Health Network

  • 7 days a week.
  • Available to parents of children from birth to 12 years who live anywhere in South Australia.
  • Staff are qualified child health nurses.

Other support

Organisation When Professional support Eligibility criteria Contact/

Child and Family Health Service (CaFHS)
Venues throughout South Australia

Mon-Fri  metropolitan & country venues.
Drop in clinics available in some areas

Clinic: breastfeeding support for any age.

Day Service / Torrens House 
Parents of babies 0-12 months old

CaFHS nurses

(some  may also be Midwives and/or Lactation Consultants)

Drop in clinics are usually for brief 10-15min consultations only.

Clinic services: No referral required.

Day service / Torrens House 
requires a referral from CaFHS staff

Clinic and Day Service  essential to book
1300 733 606

Drop in services: No booking needed

Women's & Children's Hospital (WCH)
North Adelaide
4th Floor, Post natal ward
Queen Victoria Building

Postnatal Education
Mon, Wed, Th, Fri

Antenatal education
Tues 9.30 – 11.00

Breastfeeding Unit
Mon- Friday

Facilitated by Midwife/
Lactation Consultant

3 clients per day
Staffed by Midwife/ Lactation Consultant.

All postnatal mothers welcome for postnatal education

All breastfeeding mothers of babies up to 6 weeks of age

No booking required for education sessions

Essential to book for Breastfeeding Unit
(08) 8161 7958

Lyell McEwin Hospital (LMH) Elizabeth Vale

Tuesday and Friday 

 Lactation Consultants (Phone Counselling anytime 8182 9380)

All breastfeeding mothers of babies up to 8 weeks old

(08) 8182 9380 
Essential to book 

Health Service.

Arrange via Midwife


All breastfeeding mothers of babies up to 6 weeks of age

(08) 8521 2011

Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) Post natal (Ward 4C) Bedford Park

Tuesday, Thursday Friday and alternate Mondays

Midwife / Lactation Consultant.

FMC breastfeeding mothers of babies up to 8 weeks of age.

All breastfeeding mothers  referred from emergency dept & paediatrics

(08) 8204 4216 Essential to book

Mt. Barker Hospital
Wellington Road

Arrange by phoning first


All breastfeeding mothers and babies up to 6 weeks of age

(08) 8393 1777
Essential to book

Muna Paiendi Primary Health Care Service
Elizabeth Vale


Child and Family Health Nurse

Aboriginal & Torrens Strait islander mothers and babies. No age limit

(08) 8182 9206
Essential to book

GP Plus Super Clinic Gilles Plains

Alternate Mondays

Child and Family Health Nurse

All mothers and babies including Aboriginal.
No age limit

1300 733 606
Drop in & booked

Tanunda Hospital,
Mill St

9am -3pm
After hours & W/E help

Lactation consultant and/ or Midwife

All breastfeeding mothers and babies. No age limit

(08) 8563 2398
0418 842 022
Essential to book

Medical Practitioner Lactation Consultants (LC's or IBCLC's) are specialists in lactation management

IBCLC Expiry Year

Lawlor-Smith, Carolyn 2016 Happy Valley 8381 2822
McCaul, Moira 2017 43 Carrington St, City 8410 0774

Private Lactation Consultants in SA are listed at   http://www.lcanz.org/
SA Breastfeeding Support Services is updated annually and can be downloaded or printed from this page.

Download PDF of this information (292kb)

This list may not be an accurate reflection of all current GP/LC's and services in South Australia as:

  • keeping the list updated relies on notification of changes / additions
  • not all who are GP/LC's wish to be included in the list. (Some may not have the capacity to accept new patients.)

Please submit any additions/amendments to rosetta.boyd@sa.gov.au  
Updated 13 October 2015

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