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How to be happy (easy read)

happy; friends; pets; family; fit; healthy;


At home

Family ways

  1. Be together.
  2. Be kind to each other.
  3. Eat together.
  4. Play together.
  5. Help each other.
  6. Be friends.
  7. Make good memories together.


* Listen to music. music is great to listen to
* Play music.
* Move to music.
* Music makes you feel happy.

Join in

join in * Make friends.
* Play games.
* Join groups.
* Have a go.
* Don't watch others living. Live yourself.

Put away put-downs

* Ignore put-downs from other people! don't tease
* Don't put-down others.
* Try and feel happy that you are trying.
* Get other people to try.

Get passionate (say pash-n-ate)

  • Do something you like.
    do something you like
  • Do something that helps others.
  • Work with others.
  • Start a hobby.
  • Collect things.
  • Get busy and be happy.

Be a good friend

Listen to your friend.

Play with your friend.

Help your friend.

Respect your friend.

- Have fun with your friend.

Be happy
that you have someone to share with.

Help out the family

* Share what you have.
* Be friends with your brothers and sisters.
* Don't be greedy.
* Work out problems together.
* Ask for help when you need it.
* Help others.
* Do your share of jobs.
* Feel happy to be part of a family.

Enjoy the world

* Look at the world and see how beautiful it is. enjoy the world
* Look at sunsets, flowers and water.
* Look at baby animals.
*  Look at the trees.
* Be happy to be part of a beautiful world.
* Take photos in your mind so you can remember lovely things if you are having a sad time.

Pets and animals

pets and animalsPets help people feel happy.

They will love you.

You feel happy to look after them.

You can enjoy other people's pets
if you don't have one of your own.

Stay fit and healthy

exercise - walk the dog * Exercise to keep your mind and body healthy.
* Keep busy and you won't get bored and sad.
* Join teams and play sport with friends.
* Get plenty of sleep to help your body to rest and grow.
* Eat healthy food.
* Feel happy that your body is working well.

Make the most of yourself

* Keep yourself clean. look after yourself (body image)
* Look after your clothes.
* Try to look neat and tidy.
* Be friendly and happy and people will be the same to you.

Time out to be you

  Take time to think.

  Learn something that you want to know.
learn something you want to know
  Make that voice in your head say good things about you and others.

  Feel proud when you have done well.

  Make plans and work out how you are going to get there.

  Be happy with yourself.

Dr Kim says:

Dr Kim

"Work hard to be a happy person and you will be a happier person."



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We've provided this information to help you to understand important things about staying healthy and happy. However, if you feel sick or unhappy, it is important to tell your mum or dad, a teacher or another grown-up.


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