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Anger - everyone feels angry sometimes

emotion; controlling anger; assertive; feeling; anger; frustration; aggression ;


Everyone has feelings

angerSometimes we feel sad or lonely.
Sometimes we feel happy and excited.
Sometimes we feel peaceful and contented.
Sometimes we feel angry. Everyone feels angry sometimes.

Have you ever felt really angry about something?

Do you remember why you felt so angry?

  • Maybe you didn't get something that you wanted?
  • Maybe your team lost the game?
  • Maybe you thought something was unfair?
  • Maybe you were scared?
  • Maybe someone hurt you?
  • Maybe your feelings were hurt.
  • Maybe you were angry at yourself?

There are lots of times when we feel angry about something.

What does anger feel like?

  • feeling angryYou may feel hot or cold.
  • Your heart beat speeds up.
  • Your muscles feel tight.
  • Your breathing might get short and panting.
  • You could feel shaky, or sick in your tummy.
  • Your jaw might feel tight.
  • You may feel almost like crying.
  • You may feel like screaming or running away.
  • You may feel like hurting yourself or others.

What does anger look like?

  • angry personAngry people can look red in the face or go suddenly very pale.
  • Their eyes look mad and their lips go thin and tight looking.
  • Often angry people will move fast and clumsily.
  • Angry people sometimes clench their fists and seem as if they want to hit out at something or someone.
  • They may shout, swear, or speak in a loud, nasty voice.
  • They may bang into things or people.
  • They may cry or run away.
  • Their eyes may look watery and their veins may stand out.
  • Their nostrils may get wider.
  • They may look pale around the mouth and nose.

Good things about anger

Anger releases chemicals in your brain, which then cause the changes in your body that you can feel. These changes give you extra strength and alertness so that you are ready to protect yourself from danger, stand up for your rights or run away to keep yourself safe, a sort of mini ''super hero'' change - but don't try flying. It doesn't work!

olden daysMany good changes in the world have been made because people got angry about something and used that anger to work together to change things in a positive way. Because a lot of women got angry enough they won the right to vote in many countries.

Maybe you could ask the adults you know to tell you how they have used anger to make life better for others.

Anger can be a positive feeling if it is used properly and is controlled.

Bad things about anger 

Anger can lead to all sorts of problems if it is allowed to rage out of control.

  • Someone's body could be hurt.
  • angerSomeone's feelings could be hurt.
  • Someone's property could be hurt.
  • Something could happen that would never be made better.
  • Someone can feel really sorry afterwards - when it's too late.

Being the boss of your anger

To learn how to control or use your anger in a positive way, have a look at this topic Anger - being the boss of your anger.

Dr Kim says

Have you ever seen a small child having a tantrum (a fit of anger)? He or she will shout, scream, cry, hit out and destroy things and continue until he or she is exhausted. Most people grow out of this stage and learn to deal with anger.

Dr KimIt's okay to feel angry about something but it's NEVER okay to hurt someone because you feel angry.

Learn to control or use your anger in a positive way.



Matching words (word exercise)

CLICK HERE to go to the exercise

I'm so angry I could
stamp, scream and shout!
Jump up and down
Kick and hit out!
But, I'll just walk away
count to 10, breathe deep,
work my body hard
and have a good sleep.
Anger can help you to get things done.
Don't use anger to hurt anyone.

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We've provided this information to help you to understand important things about staying healthy and happy. However, if you feel sick or unhappy, it is important to tell your mum or dad, a teacher or another grown-up.


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