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Are the holidays nearly here?


"What are you going to do in your long holidaysquestion mark" everyone asks each other. We all have great plans and leave lots of things to do in the holidays.

And then the holidays are here and after a couple of busy weeks, it can all get a bit boring, can't itquestion mark

Of course, it depends on where you live and how much money you have, and if your family is going away for the holidays, but there usually comes a time when you're feeling pretty bored. So, what can you doquestion mark

I asked some kids what they did during the holidays, and here are some of their ideas.

What to do without money

* Go on a long bike ride with a friend, or visit a friend. list of favourite things to do
* Do art work, draw or paint, or make something.
* Read a book or listen to someone reading one at your local library.
* Visit family or friends.
* Go to the beach for a walk or a swim.
* Roller blade or skateboard around the local park.
flying a kite * Fly a kite.
* Play sports at the park with your friends.
* Help in the garden - maybe you could have part of the garden as your own.
* Listen to music. 'Borrow' music from a library. playing net ball
* Learn how to sew or knit.
* Organise a family barbecue.
* Learn how to cook something.
* Practise skills like soccer, catching,  throwing or hitting a ball against the wall.
* Play board games with a friend.
* Learn to play a card game. Play marbles.
* Spend time with your family and play with them.
* Catch up on your sleep and lie in bed late.
* Research something you are interested in.
* Go for a walk - with a friend or the dog, or someone else's dog!
* Borrow books, talking books, CDs or DVDs from the library. It's free!
* Write stories or poems.
* Organise sleep overs.
* Play on your computer or play video games you can swap with friends when you're good at yours. You could even organise competitions.
* Swap jobs or chores with a friend so that you work at his house while he works at yours - or help each other.
* Raise money for a charity by selling things at a garage sale. You can ask mum or dad, your friends and rellies if they want to donate things. Work out what clothes you have that are now too small for you, your parents might let you sell these too. You'll have lots of fun organising it with your friends and you will have done something worthwhile.

Organise your time

  • walking the dogMake a timetable and organise with your friends and family what you are going to do, who you are going to do it with and when you are going to do it.
    • That way you will be so busy that you won't have time to be bored!
    • Leave some time for just 'chilling out' though.

Keep busy, keep happy, and then when you are asked what you did in the holidays you will be able to say, "heaps", instead of "nothing much!"

Long, boring travelling

Here are some ideas from kids on what you can do if you are stuck in a car or plane for ages.

* Play number plates (can't do this on a plane though!) listening to the walkman
* Listen to your own music on a walkman or ipod.
* Draw or colour in.
* Get a book of word-searches or crosswords.
* Read a good book.
* Look out of the window.
at the beach * Daydream about what you will do when you get there.
* Go to sleep for a while.
* Eat!
* Play a mini board game.
* Handheld video games.
* Play cards - you can always take a pillow with you and use that for a table, or use the table if you're on a plane.
* Play 'I spy'.
* Play 20 questions with the people around you.
* Listen to a story tape if you can borrow one from a library.
* Sing or make up a song or rap about the trip.

Some kids favourite things to do in the holidays

I like playing with my pets. - Melissa

I enjoy playing tennis against the wall. -  Lauren

I like art and craft type activities. You can make a collage using old magazine pictures if you don’t have paints or pencils. Flour and water makes a good glue if you haven’t got anything else.

I like hanging out with friends or going to the movies if I have money. - Rowan

I like BMX riding or riding on a scooter. - Brad

I did a soccer clinic. It was great. - Jamie

I play computer games by myself until I’m good at it, then I play with my friends. - Matt

I practise baseball skills, throwing, catching and pitching a ball into a blanket on the clothes line. - Nick

I like staying up late and sleeping in the next day. - Alex

I like going bowling with my friends. - Kahla

I go to after school care at my school and we do lots of fun things. - Nik

I learnt to swim at Vacswim. - Ayur

I love learning new things. - Bianca

Dr Kate says

Dr Kate"Did you know that there are lots more overweight children now than there were 20 years ago? One of the reasons seems to be that today's kids are sitting still too much. You may be able to improve your future health by being very active during the holidays. Walk or run to a friend's house, ride a bike, swim, use a skate board, dance...  I'm sure that you can think of lots more ways to keep your body moving and healthy.

Anyhow, exercising makes you feel good and you don't have time to be bored!"

"Have a good holiday"


Holidays are so much fun
Time to relax, don't have to run.
Lazy mornings in my bed
Reading or dreaming in my head.
Going for a ride, meeting friends
I hope this holiday never ends.

Seen all the movies, played every game
Every day now seems the same.
Who'll be my teacher, who's in my class
Is next year harder and will I pass?
Wonder if this year I'll make a new friend?
Oh, will this holiday never end?


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We've provided this information to help you to understand important things about staying healthy and happy. However, if you feel sick or unhappy, it is important to tell your mum or dad, a teacher or another grown-up.


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