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Feelings and emotions

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What are feelings and emotions?

Nobody can help having feelings - they are part of everyone. We feel different things all day long as different things happen to us.

feelingsSometimes we feel sad - eg. when someone we love goes away.

Sometimes we feel happy - eg. when we are having fun playing.

Sometimes we feel scared, angry, guilty, lonely or any of a huge range of human emotions.

It is important not to be ashamed of having feelings. Everyone has them - good and bad.

What counts is what we do about our feelings - we can all learn to show our feelings in ways that are helpful to us and to others, not ways that are hurtful.

Looking at emotions

When we are feeling a strong emotion, it's because chemicals are released into our brains. These can make us feel happy, sad, angry etc.

When you watch TV or movies you can usually work out what the character is feeling by looking at the face. Are you good at 'reading' faces?

Here are some faces and a list of words to describe feelings.

different face expressions

Which words do you think go with each face?
happy angry puzzled
miserable nervous greedy
lazy thoughtful innocent
worried bored sick

angerLook at the list of words that describe feelings.

  •  Which words describe negative feelings? (feeling bad)
  •  Which words describe positive feelings? (feeling good)
  • Which sort of feelings do you like best - positive or negative?

If you feel positive and are a friendly and happy person, then you will attract other positive people.

If you feel really negative, feel sad, angry and want to hurt people, then you will find that you attract other people who are sad and angry (or you may find yourself alone a lot).

What makes you feel the way you do?

The changes that happen in your body are caused by:

* what has happened before in your life - eg. maybe you felt sad that someone wouldn't let you play his/her game and so you feel too sad to ask anyone else to let you play.
* how you feel about yourself - do you usually feel good or bad about yourself ?
* what you do about handling strong emotions - have you learned ways to be the boss of your emotions? 
* do you know how to help yourself feel better?

Our topic on 'Managing your feelings' may give you some tips.


Feelings go up and feelings go down
There are feelings inside us all spinning around.
Sometimes they're good and sometimes they're bad
But feelings are something that everyone has.
Being shut out and feeling unsafe are feelings that
I think that

By Natalie

Dr Kate says:

Dr Kate
If you are not feeling safe or are feeling scared then you need to get help. Talk to your trusted adults, look at our topic on keeping yourself safe, or ring the Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800  if you or others in your family are being hurt. You have the right to feel safe at all times.

And, of course others have the right to feel safe too. Sometimes we all get angry and may react in such a way that we may hurt others or their feelings. Our topic Anger - being the boss of your anger has some good ideas which may help. 

 Click on the category 'Your feelings' and you will find many more topics which may help you.

How did you go putting 'feeling' words to faces? This is what I think - do you agree?

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We've provided this information to help you to understand important things about staying healthy and happy. However, if you feel sick or unhappy, it is important to tell your mum or dad, a teacher or another grown-up.


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