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Our school - Coober Pedy Area School


Where is our school?

> > > About 800 kms north of Adelaide, South Australia

What does our school look like?

Theres lots of area around it.

It’s dusty because Coober Pedy is a mining town where people mine for opals.

It has a lot of buildings.
There's not much grass.

underground bedroom - Coober PedySome houses, shops and even churches are dug out underground.

It's a great place to come.
It's easy to ride around on a bike.
There are lots of dogs around here.
Lots of 4-wheel drivers.
Lots of Arts and Crafts.

You can see underground houses, motels, shops, churches and the opal fields by walking around the town.

What's special about our school?

We have lots of sport..

We have the Town Library next to the Canteen.

We have a big gym and a big room with lots of computers in it.
Most buildings are air-conditioned because it gets very hot in Coober Pedy.

We do a lot of art and craft.

We have kids from reception up to year 12.

There are 48 different nationalities in Coober Pedy.
Our school has a lot of interesting people from different cultures.

We have a lot of young teachers and that’s cool.

We don't have that many rules.
You don't have to wear school uniform.

At lunch time we get to swim in the pool.

Coober Pedy Area school
Can be hot but is always 'cool'.
Some people are tough,
Life can be rough.
It's a place of many cultures.
Eagles live here, not vultures.
Some folk may live underground.
This is where the opal's found.

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