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Going to high school

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So you're going to high school

friendsGoing to high school can be exciting but sometimes also a bit of a scary thought for some kids, particularly if you have spent all your school life in the one school.

You know the school, you've been through all the grades with most of the same kids and you know almost all the teachers in the school and they all know you. Of course in your last year you have also been one of the 'big kids' and have had a lot more responsibility, taking on leadership roles for the younger students.

But soon you will be going to high school where you will be a 'little kid' again, you will need to make new friends, work with new teachers who don't know you, find your way around a new place and….

What some kids thought about going to high school

We asked some primary school students what they thought about going to high school next year and here are some of the things they said.

Q. What do you think high school will be like?

  • "Fun! I've started two schools before and my brother is already there so I know some of the teachers."
  • "You'll be moving round all the time to different teachers."
  • "I'll have to be very organised and I'll have a lot more homework."
  • "I think it will be scary and fun."
  • "I think it will be a hard challenge."
  • "I think it will be good because I'm ready for a new challenge."
  • "Great. I love music and I am going to a school with a special music program."

Q. What are you looking forward to?

  • "Using the equipment eg. computers, science labs, kitchens.
  • science lab"All the different teachers I'll have for different subjects."
  • "Being in a new area and making new friends.'
  • "Doing lots of sport."
  • "Choosing subjects I like after the first year."
  • "Learning new things."
  • "Growing up and turning into a young adult."
  • "Getting a part time job so that I can buy stuff I want."

Q. What are your concerns or fears?

  • school grounds"I might be in a class with none of my friends."
  • "Harassment by other kids."
  • "I think that people will tease me because I'm smaller than anyone else."
  • "Being offered drugs."
  • "That the work will be too hard."
  • "I have no fears because if I don't know I will ask and if I'm being teased I'll tell the School Counsellor."
  • "Getting lost and going into the wrong room."
  • "Getting beaten up."

Q. What rumours have you heard?

  • bullying "The homework will be so-o-o-o hard."
  • "You get heaps of homework."
  • "That bigger kids flush your head down the toilet to initiate you. Just kidding!! Really I've heard that the school is very good and that bullies are soon punished."
  • "I've heard that some older kids pick on the younger kids but I think that if I hang around with my friends I'll be O.K."
  • "I've heard that there might be people who take drugs and I will try to avoid these people."

What Yolanda said

"I think high school will be a little scary, especially in my first week or so. I think it will be quite a bit harder than primary school but it will also be challenging and fun. I will make new friends and learn new things and stay away from negative people who are into negative things like drugs and teasing others or wasting their time in school."


  • Remember that everyone else who is starting high school for the first time will be feeling just like you.
  • Even those people who seem super cool are nervous too. They may be better at hiding their fears or maybe they are looking at high school as being a wonderful new challenge with lots of opportunities for learning new things and making new friends, which of course it is.
  • Make the most of your opportunities and always try to do your best. If you chose not to try, then whose time are you wasting? Yours!!

Dr Kate says:

Dr Kate
Even adults get a bit nervous when they are starting a new job or meeting new people so it's OK for you to feel a bit scared.

Our topic 'High School? No worries' may help you.

Your Primary school will organise visits to the local High School if you are going there. If you are going to a different school you will usually be invited to visit and meet some of the teachers before the start of the year. Visit the school's website to find out more.

The website Reachout has lots of info for young people who are having tough times. 

The Kids helpline is for children and young people 1800 55 1800. 

Some poems written by kids

My hands are sweaty
My arms and legs are shaking
My mouth feels like water
Lips vibrating like a ripple on a lake.
My eyes are looking down as if
I'm falling high from off a cliff.
I feel dizzy, I feel faint
I can see colours turning around
Blue, green, pink and yellow
I look up and see all these new faces.
Staring at me in a very weird way.
I take a step forward with
My left following my right
I see a spare seat
And head in its direction,
I slowly begin to sit and lean
My elbows on the desk.
Everyone looks up at the teacher
And we begin the lesson.

I'm waiting for High school to start,

I'm sad to see Primary school go.

will miss my old friends,

some will be with me I know.

be shaking as I wait at the gate

I'll go in and shake some more!

I'll make some new friends

the next year I'll know what's in store.
High school
Into the deep end
Growing older
Hopefully unscarey
Sad to stop Primary school
Could get lost
Huge area
On to bigger things
Only five years to go.
Lots of homework
High school
Geography and geometry
Health and P.E.
Challenges, changing classrooms
Huge resources
Oral reports
Littlest kids in the school
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We've provided this information to help you to understand important things about staying healthy and happy. However, if you feel sick or unhappy, it is important to tell your mum or dad, a teacher or another grown-up.


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