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Our school - Norton Summit Primary School


Norton Summit Primary School

Where is our school?

Norton Summit is located in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, and can be found at the end of old Norton Summit road on Crescent Drive, which is adjacent to Lobethal Road. The school building is approximately twenty kilometres from the heart of Adelaide (which is about thirty minutes drive on a reasonable run).

What does our school look like?

Norton Summit Primary School is a small school - it consists of the original building made of stone and having within it a classroom, the library, music facilities and offices. There is also the original Principals cottage which contains additional offices, the principal's area and staff area. Norton Summit Primary School

The building was extended in 1986. The extensions contain art facilities, additional classrooms, a computer resource center, a cafeteria and various other facilities. The architect who designed the extensions received several awards for his efforts. All in all it is a lovely building.

What's special about our school?

Our School is special because:
Norton Summit Primary School * We are an environmentally aware school and have created two areas - playground and wetlands. We have won an award from KESAB (Keep South Australia Beautiful).
* Every year level from the receptions to the grade sevens are participating in something that will benefit the environment.
* The R/1 class - The R/1 students grow their own garden and with the produce they make' impossible pies' to sell in the foyer at our school as part of the 5/6/7 enterprise business. The profit goes towards a Moon Bear in China that the school sponsors. Playgym - Norton Summit Primary School
* The 2/3 class - Are involved with GLOBE (that stands for Global, Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment). GLOBE involves taking the temperature, humidity reading, and the rainfall over the past twenty-four hours, and cloud types and cloud cover. They take all of these recordings at twelve o'clock every day. The GLOBE corporation is run by NASA so they can keep track of the weather conditions around the world. The 2/3's also participate in AIRWATCH. Once every two months or thereabouts the 2/3 students take AIRWATCH readings, such as wind chill, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall.
* The 4/5 class - The 4/5 class make scarves. They sell these scarves as part of the 5/6/7 enterprise business. All of the 5/6/7 products and these scarves are on sale in the school foyer. The money they raise goes towards environmental projects throughout the school. The 4/5 class participate in many other environmental projects.
* The 5/6/7 class - Some of the extra-curricula activities that the 5/6/7 class participate in are listed below:

Enterprise Education [running a business]

  • KESAB (Keep South Australia Beautiful)
  • Y.E.C ( Youth Environment Council)
  • Tree Planting Days
  • Water Watch
  • Creating Environmental Areas
  • T.O.M. (Tournament of Minds)
  • Sports Carnivals
  • Debating Teams
  • Pedal Prix

Some of the things that we sell

  • Cards
  • Scented Jars
  • Magnets
  • Bath Bombs
  • Place Mats
  • Various Jams
  • Cork Boards
  • Pickles and preserves
    (The 5/6/7 students make all of the products themselves with the help of the parent of a student who attends our school)

What are the great things about our school?

  • View to Adelaide - Adelaide Hills areaIt's a small school.
  • There are lots of fun, exciting activities that we participate in during school and out of school.
  • Because it's a small school everyone knows each other very well.
  • There's lots of community spirit.
  • There's lots of room to muck around in, in the playground.
  • The teachers are nice.
  • We are an environmentally friendly school.
  • We have great views over the hills to Adelaide.

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