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Our school - Mimili

Mimili school Our school is in the Pitjantjatjara lands.

It is in the north-west of South Australia
It is about an hours drive from Marla Bore.

The road from Marla is dirt but we have bitumen roads in Mimili.
driving on a dirt track

What is special about our school?

We learn our lessons in English.

Most of us speak our own language.

playing sport  Mimili is the best school.

We win at sports.
We play soccer, basketball, football and softball.

We can live here but visitors have to have a permit to visit our lands.

Best things about our school

We have a great library.
We have lots of computers.
We can borrow books and read in the library. school bus
We have 'kupati' at 11.30.
We have fruit time every day.
We have nice teachers.
We have a school bus.
We have lots of friends

We went on a bush trip to Victory Wells.
We went camping.
We climbed up the hills.
We saw some lizards.

Aboriginal children''s art

We caught tadpoles [kurtji-kurtji] in the waterhole.
We ate kangaroo tail [malu wipa] and damper.
We ate onions and wichetty grubs [maku].
We collected bush tomato [kambaramba]

aboriginal children''s art

We did some drawing and painting and it was a lot of fun.

Aboriginal art

Our country is beautiful

far north of South Australia

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