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Our school - Open Access College - School of the air

school; of; the; air; open; access; college; Port; Augusta;

The Open Access College for students in primary school in the outback of South Australia was started as the 'School of the air' in in 1958. It is a state school.

For many years, students used radio to talk to their teachers and to each other.

Some of the radios were powered by pushing pedals around like a bike.

We can still use radios, but we now have batteries.

Most of us use computers nowadays for our lessons and to talk to each other. We have computers linked to the Internet.

Some of us need a generator to provide the power, because there are no electricity lines near our homes. Solar Power is also being used on some stations to generate electricity.

Where is our school?

It is in Port Augusta, South Australia.

It is also in all the homes of many kids who live a long way from anyone else.

Where is our schoolroom?

“My schoolroom is in an old train on our property. It can get really hot in Summer.” Anna

“My schoolroom used to be the bar-room in our house.”

“A special room at the end of the house.” Frank

“We used to have a concrete slab at the side of the house where I could skateboard but dad built this really big room there so that’s my schoolroom now.” Kathleen

“My room used to be the office, then a TV room and now it’s my schoolroom.” Eliza

“We have two houses. We live in one and the other one is our school”

What is special about our school?

“We all do lessons in our own homes.”

“It’s all about the children.” Kathleen

“We work on computer and now you can hear everybody.” Grantly

“Everyone has a supervisor so you can get help right away. You don’t have to get in a line with about ten kids in front of you.” Sam

“You can talk to your teacher on the computer.” Jade

“Even though we see our friends once a year, we are all friends in the class.” Grantly

“We have special trips or weekends when we all visit the school or go on a camp.”

“Sometimes our teacher will come to visit us at home.”

Did you know? The Open Access College is also teaching many other students all over South Australia who can not, or do not, go to other schools. Maybe they are unwell, or it is not possible for them to get to a closer school.

What about us?

“I can ride a motor bike and learn to drive a car.” Grantly

“There’s tons of space. You’re not crowded into a backyard with a big fence round it.” Sam

“There’s hundreds of kilometres where you want to go."

“I get to climb up the hills and go down the creek and ride my bike.” Jade

”I like learning how to drive the tractor and stuff.” Sam

If you want to know more about our school and the Open Access College you can look at this website: 

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