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Our school - Hallett Cove East Primary

Hallet Cove Primary School sign Our school is a large primary school in Hallett Cove.

We have about 560 children from Reception to year 7.

We are south of Adelaide and near the sea, which we can see from our Oval.
What’s special about our school is that most of it is really houses.

Each house has two classes in it.

We share a wet area which should really be the kitchen.

It was built like that so that one day if there are not enough children to come to the school then the houses can be changed to become an ordinary street.

We have a big oval, netball courts and a hall which we call the Pavilion.
We have a Japanese garden that we made and each class gets a turn looking after it.

This is the Japanese garden

We have a great Jump rope team that wins lots of competitions.
Some children are in a choir which gets to sing at the Festival Theatre along with other school choirs.

What's really great about our school?

  • We have computers in all our classrooms and a computer room.
  • We can sometimes choose what we want to learn [Student Initiated Learning].
  • Our Student Council is called ''Lighthouse Keepers'' because our school is near a lighthouse. They organise things like casual days and school assemblies.
  • We have a Leadership Program and that means that there are lots of chances for kids to become a part of helping to run the school and helping each other.
  • Our year 6/7's get to do aquatics for a week every year when we can learn skills like surfing, wave skiing and canoeing in the sea further down the coast. Little kids learn to swim at a pool.

view of ocean from Hallet Cove East Primary

  • We have buddy classes so that big kids and little kids get to work together.
  • We have adopted our local creek and we test the water and do all sorts of things to keep it a safe place for all the creatures who live there and all the people who visit.

Our school is a nice place to be

If you want to know more about our school you can look at our website:

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