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Go find out! - giving your body the food it needs

food; diet; power;

Just like a computer your body needs power to be able to work. You get the power from the food that you eat and that you drink.

  • Without power your computer will not work.
  • Without energy from food your body will not work properly and you will become sick.

A balanced diet

Sometimes a power surge or power loss can damage your computer.

Sometimes a power surge or power loss can damage your body.

  • You can get a power surge by eating too many sugary treats.
  • You can get a power loss by not eating a balanced diet.

Click on the topic Balanced diet to find out more.

Quiz  about a balanced diet

  1. How many food groups are on the chart?
  2. Which food group should you eat most of?
  3. Why are chocolate, fizzy drinks and other sweet foods called ‘sometimes’ foods?
  4. What is the most important liquid for you to drink?
  5. Carrots, lentils and soya beans are all part of which food group?

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carbs and proteins 

Fuel for your body

Nowadays you can charge up phones, laptops, iPads, power drills and heaps of other things but you can’t just plug yourself into an electricity socket to power up your body!

You are responsible for making sure that your body has enough power to keep working and keep you healthy.

The topic Fuel for your body can tell you more about this.

Quiz for fuel for your body

  1. Name 2 ways in which protein is used in your body.
  2. What do carbohydrates do for your body?
  3. Name 2 good things that fat can do for your body.
  4. Which word is missing from this sentence? The best liquid you can drink is ----
  5. Which 3 minerals are most important for kids?

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Eating healthy food

There is such a huge variety of foods to choose from nowadays.

All kids know where the food is kept in their house.

If you’re anything like the kids I know you will also have a good idea as to where to look for the ‘special treat’ stuff too!

  • Maybe you buy your lunch at school one or more days a week?
  • Maybe you are allowed to visit the local deli before or after school?

Remember that you can easily get into bad habits and that you are responsible for what goes into your body.


 Click on this topic Eating healthy food for some tips on how to choose healthy foods when you are away from home or when you get home and are absolutely ‘starving’ before mealtimes

Quiz about eating healthy food

True or false

  1. Salty foods are good for you.
  2. Your body needs a variety of foods to keep it healthy.
  3. Water is the best drink, especially on hot days.
  4. Raw fruit and vegetables make better snacks than biscuits and cakes.
  5. Eating ‘junk food’ will give you zits.

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A healthy lunchbox

  • Does mum or dad pack your lunch?
  • Do you take something to eat at recess?
  • Do you have a ‘brain food’ break in your class?

Click on A healthy lunchbox and get some great ideas for what you can put in your lunchbox.  


Quiz about a healthy lunchbox

Fill in the missing words from this list.
    Butter, knives, wash, drink, balanced

  1. Your lunch should be a part of your -------- daily diet.
  2. -----  your hands before you start making your lunch.
  3. Use different chopping boards and ------ for meat and vegetables.
  4. Most sandwiches do not need a lot of ------ or margarine.
  5. An icebrick or frozen ----- can keep your lunch cool and fresh.

Check whether your answers are correct

Answers to the quizzes

Balanced diet

  1. Five
  2. Bread, cereals, rice, pasta and noodles
  3. Because you should not eat them very often — only ‘sometimes’
  4. Water [because most of you is water!]
  5. Vegetables and legumes

Fuel for your body

  1. Building muscles, organs and glands [and repairing them too!]
  2. They give you energy
  3. Gives us energy, protects organs, keeps us warm, healthy skin and hair, and helps hormones keep blood pressure steady.
  4. Water
  5. Iron, vitamin C and calcium

Eating healthy food

  1. False
  2. True
  3. True
  4. True
  5. False

A healthy lunchbox

  1. balanced
  2. wash
  3. knives
  4. butter
  5. drink
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We've provided this information to help you to understand important things about staying healthy and happy. However, if you feel sick or unhappy, it is important to tell your mum or dad, a teacher or another grown-up.


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