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Breakfast - a great way to start the day!

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What is breakfast?

eggsThe word breakfast is really two words, 'break' and 'fast'.

  • 'Fast' is when you don't eat food, and all during the night you have been sleeping and not eating - unless you went on a midnight raid of the fridge!

So, breakfast is when you break your fast by eating.

  • Your stomach will be very happy about it and your body will be able to use the food to get the energy going, and send you off to school all fuelled up for the day - well at least until morning break!

Why is breakfast important?

What you eat is turned into energy by your body.

  • If you don't eat when you first get up, then your store of energy is low, you can't think or work as well and your stomach keeps letting you know that it is waiting for food!
  • By the time morning break comes along you are 'starving'.

breakfastOf course, you may also want to rush off to 'bag' the netball court, or to some other area where you and your friends like to play, so you may not have time to eat then. That means that your energy levels are pretty low, just when it is time to do all the most 'thinking' subjects like Maths and English and other activities that need a lot of attention.

What are you thinking about during this? FOOD!

Some breakfast ideas

Who makes breakfast in your house? Mum, Dad, a carer, older brothers or sisters, or do you all do your own thing? Whatever happens, it is a good idea to have a drink and something to eat at that time.

  • eating breakfastWholemeal toast, cereals and eggs all provide the power (energy) your body needs to get through the morning.
  • Milk and other dairy products are especially good for growing bodies and healthy bones.
  • Having a toaster can mean that you get something warm without having to stand over the cooktop.
  • Using a blender to blend fruit and milk into a smoothie can give you a quick, easy meal with lots of goodness.

Try these ideas.

  • Cereal and milk with a piece of fruit.
  • Toast with cheese or tomato or a spread, and fruit or fruit/vegetable juice.
  • Toasted sandwich and fruit or low fat milk.
  • Baked beansToast and a smoothie (just cut up fruit like a banana and blend it with milk in the blender).
  • Try warm milk with your cereal on winter mornings.
  • Baked beans on toast (get an adult to show you how to microwave a small serve and then you don't have to clean up a saucepan!)
  • Cut up fresh fruit and eat it with yoghurt, and a piece of toast.
  • Peanut butter sandwich and a banana.
  • Even last night's left-over pizza!

Lots of popular cereals have loads of sugar in them. They are not good for your body so don't pester your parents to buy them.

If you have a health problem like diabetes or a condition where you can't eat certain foods, then you can find some ideas for breakfast and other meals on the Internet.
A good site is

Brain food

Some kids just cannot eat before they get to school. banana powerThere can be lots of reasons. Maybe there is no food for them at home or maybe they feel really strongly that they don't want to eat.

So some schools have a breakfast program where you can get something from the Canteen before school or at morning break.

Some schools have started a 'Brain food' program where each class takes a couple of minutes break about an hour after starting school. During this break kids have a small snack of healthy stuff like nuts, fruit, vegetables or yoghurt to boost energy levels and help them make it through the morning without thinking about food all the time because they are so hungry!

Does your school do this?

If you think a Brain Food program is a good idea, maybe you could bring it up in your class meeting and ask the Student Council to start it off?

If your school does not have a 'brain food' program, make sure that you have a healthy snack at morning break.

What some children say

  • "At my school we can eat fruit and vegetables whenever we want." Derryth
  • "We can eat breakfast at O.S.H.C. (out of school hours care). We can choose cereals and toast and fruit. We get to help make it." Dan
  • "In our family we take it in turns to make breakfast. I can do scrambled eggs on toast now." Kara
  • "We have a big breakfast on Sunday because it's the only day when the whole family is there. I like that." Jacinta

Dr Kate says:

Dr Kate
"It makes sense to check your car's fuel before setting off on a trip. It makes sense to check every morning that your body has the fuel to keep it working well all through the day. Remember that sugary foods do give you an energy boost but it doesn't last very long.

You need to eat foods like cereal with not much sugar in it, whole grain bread, eggs, milk and dairy foods which will release energy for a longer time and keep you going until lunch."

Some kids can't drink cow's milk but there are some other kinds of milk (soy milk, rice milk, almond milk). Some kids have problems with cereals and bread but gluten free products can be bought in most supermarkets nowadays.

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We've provided this information to help you to understand important things about staying healthy and happy. However, if you feel sick or unhappy, it is important to tell your mum or dad, a teacher or another grown-up.


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