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Brothers and sisters

Brother; sister; family; relationships; youngest; eldest; middle; sibling; good things; bad things; good; bad; fun; difficult. ;


Brothers and sisters can be great fun and good friends. But getting on with brothers and sisters can also be a bit difficult at times. Life can seem like a constant battle for belongings, space and the attention of mum, dad or the person who cares for you. Wherever you come in the family order has its own difficulties, but it also can have great rewards. Some kids live with step-brothers or step-sisters, and some with foster kids. This can also be interesting and enjoyable, but sometimes complicated too.

Some 'good' things and some 'bad' things

Wherever you are in the family you will probably think that your life is harder than the other kids, you don't get as much attention and 'it isn't fair', well at least some of the time anyway.

When you go out into the world of school, friends and your larger extended family [this means all your other relatives, like aunties, grandparents and cousins] you need to be able to communicate well with people, respect other people's opinions, negotiate for what you want and be able to handle conflict - and you learn this in families with brothers and sisters!

Dr Kate says

Dr KateBeing in a family with brothers and sisters is a great place to start learning those skills. But if you aren't happy about something tell the adults who take care of you so they can help you.

Sisters, brothers, what can you do?
You'd like to put them in the zoo.
You wish they weren't here
When they're always in your ear.
But, they end up being good company.

by Bronwyn

Sibling rivalry

Are you and your brothers and sisters always trying to get 'one up' on each other? This is called sibling rivalry (sib-ling rye-val-ree).

Sibling is another word for brother or sister.

This kind of competition can be good if it means that you try hard to build skills and do great school work - it can be awful to live with if you are always fighting though. If you and your 'sibs' fight, maybe it's time to learn how to manage anger and how to work out your differences.

Anger and Conflict resolution are two topics that may give you some ideas.

Remember - you can choose your friends but you cannot choose your family. They are your family forever, so try to get on well together. If you start when you're a kid, you could be friends for the rest of your lives.

Famous brothers and sisters

Here are some brothers and sisters (siblings) who have become famous.
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  • Michael Jackson, La Toya and Janet Jackson (singers)
  • Venus and Serena Williams (tennis)
  • Nicole and Antonia Kidman (actors)
  • Prince William and Prince Harry (royalty)
  • Kylie and Dannii Minogue (singers)
  • Ben and Casey Affleck (actors)
  • Chad and Kane Cornes (AFL footballers)
  • The Veronicas - Jessia and Lisa Origliasso (singers) 
  • Isaac, Taylor, Zac (Hanson - Pop group)

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There are times when I wish I was an 'only'.
When I have to wait or share my favourite stuff.
Then other times I'm glad that I'm not lonely,
When I need a hand or when I'm not tall enough.
Although we often fight and shout and argue
We usually can sort the problems out.
We laugh and tease each other lots it's true.
But, we're family, that's what it's all about!

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