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Go find out – your wonderful eyes!

eyes; protecting; find; out; colour; blindness; glasses; spectacles;;

What do you see when you open your eyes each morning?

Whatever we see is because our eyes show us everything around us.

We can see things up close or far away, because our eyes can adjust their focus, just like a camera lens can be adjusted - only our eyes do it automatically so we can clearly see what we are looking at.

How your eyes work

Read our topic ‘Eyes - how your eyes work’ to find out how amazing they are.

Then, see if you can put the correct words into these sentences

Prevent, retina, sclera, focus, cones

1. The lens and cornea work together to ----- the picture onto the retina at the back of the eye.
2. The ------- is the medical name for the white of the eye.
3. The cells in the retina are called rods and -----.
4. Eyelids, eyelashes and eyebrows all work to ------- harmful things e.g. dust getting into the eye.
5. The ‘movie screen’ at the back of the eye is called the ------.

Answers to this quiz

  how eyes work 

Look at the poem at the end of this topic. Here it is: 


Eye can see butterflies,
Eye can see clouds
Eye can see TV
Eye can see crowds.
Eye can see truth
Eye can see lies
Eye can see feelings
In other people's eyes.

Now see if you can write your own poem about the eye. If it’s really good then send it in through the feedback button and we will add it to this topic.

Protecting your eyes

Eyesight is really precious so we need to look after our eyes.

Many people now wear goggles or special eye protectors when playing some ball sports, riding bikes, horses, skate-boards, swimming, etc.

 And of course we all wear hats and sunglasses to protect us from the strong sunlight here in Australia.

sun safe

See if you can make a poster to show people how they can protect their eyes if they are studying, gaming, playing in a playground or at the beach.

But there are other things we can do to protect our eyes. Read our topic ‘Eyes - protecting your eyes’ to find out more.

Maybe you can make a chart to show some exercises you can do when you are on the computer for a long time? Maybe you could call it “Help your eyes, Eye exercise?”

When things look fuzzy

Lots of people have problems with their eyes. Many don’t know they have them. Sometimes what you see may be ‘fuzzy’.

Find out what can be done about this by reading ‘Eyes - when things look ‘fuzzy’.

Then try answering these questions by filling in the gaps.
1. If you have myopia that means you have problems focussing on things which are ----?
2. Far sightedness is called -------?
3. What causes some people to be long sighted or short sighted? -----
4. Most people become ----- sighted as they get older.
5. If someone is colour- blind, does that mean they see everything in black and white? Read ‘Colour 'blindness' - when someone is not able to see some colours.’

Answers to this quiz


If you are having any problems with your eyes or eyesight then talk to your teacher, parent or carer and doctor. You may need to wears glasses – like lots of people.

Find out more by reading this topic ‘Eyes - wearing glasses’. You will find some information about the history of glasses but finding out more would make a great project!

Answers to the quizzes

 Eyes – protecting your eyes
1. focus
2. sclera
3. cones
4. stop or prevent
5. retina

Eyes - when things look ‘fuzzy’.
1. Near or close by
2. Hyperopia
3. Genes [others in the family have a similar condition which has been inherited.]
4. Long
5. No - there are different kinds of colour blindness. Read the topic to find out more.

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