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Before your baby is born - Flinders Medical Centre in South Australia

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During pregnancy it is important to have regular health checks to monitor the baby's development and the woman's health. This is known as antenatal care.

Women who plan to have their baby at Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) can choose to have their pregnancy care at FMC or at an outreach clinic provided by FMC midwives at Noarlunga Health Services, or with the shared care of their GPs.

Before you you book your first antenatal appointment at Flinders Medical Centre or Noarlunga Health Services you willl need to call the Pregnancy SA Referral Line on 1300 368 820 for an ID number.

Care options

There are a variety of options open to women with an uncomplicated pregnancy:
midwife in the Obstetric Clinic Care is provided mainly by a midwife who is part of the obstetric team.
midwife in the Southern Midwifery Group Practice Care is provided exclusively by the Southern Midwifery Group Practice. This option is available to women who request it and meet the criteria for pregnancy, labur and birth (spaces limited)
shared care Care is provided mainly by the woman's own general practitioner (GP), with a few specified visits to the Obstetric Clinic at FMC. The GP must be accredited with the State Wide Shared Care Program and agree to the woman's choice of this option.
care by a private obstetrician
or GP
Care is provided mainly by a private obstetrician or GP of your choice accredited to practise obstetrics.

For more information have a look at the Flinders Medical Centre website – checking the section 'Pregnancy care'

Childbirth education (antenatal) classes

FMC provides a variety of childbirth and exercise classes


  • Women's Health Clinic 8204 5197

Information about other care options in South Australia is in the topic Types of care during pregnancy and birth in South Australia 

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