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Eating disorders - for teens

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Normal eating is not how much or what you eat, but your attitude towards food and eating.

Eating that is not normal is not so much about what you do (eg. skipping meals, restricting food, overeating) but about the thinking behind it, how often it happens, and the feeling that you have to eat this way.

For information about eating disorders have a look at

 Reachout site. there are many topics such as

and many more topics.


Headspace https://headspace.org.au/ 

South Australia Health Statewide Eating Disorder Service

National Eating Disorders Collaboration (Australia) 


  • your local Community Health Centre
  • your doctor (General Practitioner)
  • your school or university counsellor
  • your local library for further reading

South Australia


Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 (free call in Australia):

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