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Mental health for teens

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Mental health, or emotional health, is a part of your overall health and your life. Mental health is not about an absence of illness, it's more about how well someone feels they are coping with the challenges life brings. It’s just like your physical health – sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad – but mental health has more to do with your thoughts and feelings.

Mental health includes:

  • how you feel about yourself and your life
  • how you respond to stress
  • how you cope with things that come up in your life
  • your self-esteem or confidence
  • how you see yourself and your future.

Many people think mental health is about having something wrong with your brain – that it's about being "mental", "crazy" or having a mental illness. Mental illness is when your feelings, emotions or thinking become disturbed. Just like you can become physically unwell, you can become mentally or emotionally unwell.

But just like you can do things to keep physically well, you can also do things that will help to keep you mentally well. Often the same things will help you keep physically and mentally well, because it is all connected.

To find out more

There are many websites about mental health in young people. These are sites that we recommend.

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