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Loneliness - for young people

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Humans are social beings. Without regular and positive contact, most of us feel lonely. Feeling lonely can be a depressing or scary feeling. For some it happens every now and then, for others it can become our most regular friend or enemy!

Everyone feels lonely from time to time. It comes in many forms. It is usually when you have little contact with people.

  • It can also be when you feel you have little importance or value in other people's lives, or when the people you are with see things differently from you.
  • Some people suffer from anxiety and this can lead to problems meeting people and making friends.

If you feel lonely for a long time, it can bring with it a deep belief that everything is useless and a feeling of isolation - thinking you are separate or different from everyone else.

The Reachout website has several topics that may be helpful. 

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