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Do you get headaches? Headaches are very common. There are many causes of headaches, and how they need to be managed depends on the cause and how often they happen.

  • The main symptom of a headache is the pain, which can be one-sided or on both sides of the head, at the front or the back of the head, or on the side around the jaw.
  • Bad headaches can also cause a person to be irritable, to want to lie down, to want to stay away from bright light or noise, to feel nauseated ('whoozy') and even to vomit (throw up).

For information about headaches

Better Health Channel (Victoria)
 http://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/  - has many topics including:

There is a very large amount of information about Headache on the Medline Plus site (National Library of Medicine, USA).


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