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Conflict and negotiation

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We all face conflict at some time in our lives. But it doesn't always have to be negative. It doesn't have to end up as a war! In fact, if you learn skills to deal with conflict, there can be some really positive and satisfying outcomes.

Conflict is when people disagree on an issue, or can't get along well. This is just a part of life. It's natural for people to disagree at times, because we all have different interests, values, goals and needs. Sometimes we don't understand other people and what they really mean, or they don’t understand us.

  • Conflict happens in personal relationships, with family, parents, caregivers, friends, partners, teachers and work mates.
  • Conflict also happens in the wider society, among groups with different interests and values, different religions, races, countries, political parties and even sporting teams. You can probably think of many other examples.
  • Conflict can also happen within yourself when you learn something new that is different to what you always believed. The conflict inside yourself can make you want to hang on tightly to your old beliefs or it can lead you to change your beliefs.

Conflict can result in changes, often for the better.

The website Reachout has many topics which explore conflict with family and friends and how to manage the conflict, including:

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