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counsellingIn the past, some people have thought of counselling and psychotherapy as being only for 'serious' problems, or for 'crazy' people. Going to see a counsellor was often seen as a sign of weakness.

This could not be further from the truth, and people these days realise that talking to a counsellor about their problems can be a very positive experience. Counselling might also be called therapy or psychotherapy.

Going into a room with a stranger to talk about your problems can seem like a scary experience, but the counsellor will be working towards making the process safe and supportive.

For more information

Reachout and Youth beyond blue are two Australian websites that have a lot of information about issues that young people may experience and where to get help - including about counselling and counsellors. 

Youth beyond blue 

Reach out

If you want to talk with someone urgently, call Lifeline

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