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Most of the time when people talk about drugs, they think of illegal ones like cannabis and ecstasy. But the most used and abused drug is one that is legal for people over 18 - alcohol.

Alcohol is legal to buy in South Australia if you are over 18. Often our society gives the message that alcohol is acceptable. In fact, young people are subjected to hundreds of ads promoting alcohol every year. There is even some evidence to say that a small amount of alcohol every day can be good for an adult. (There is lots of information about risks.)

Despite this, alcohol abuse is a major problem in Australia.

More information

Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia

Reachout http://au.reachout.com/ (for tough times) has many articles about alcohol (and other drugs) and its effects including: 

Australian Drug Information Network  


Have a look at 'How does alcohol affect driving?' from the Australian Drug Foundation.

The law

Depending on where you live, there may be different laws about drinking. You need to check the law where you live. 

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