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Parenting children - what is your parenting style?

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Parents are the most important influence in children’s lives. The relationships we have with our children, the values we give them and the example we set have more impact than things like how much money we have or where we live.

While there are many different parenting styles, children benefit when parents are warm and loving and provide clear guidance and support. Understanding more about parenting styles and how they affect children can help you work out the kind of parent you want to be.

Most parents learn about parenting ‘on the job’ and grow into their role with experience. It is important to believe in yourself and have confidence in your parenting.

Our ideas about parenting come from things such as how we were brought up, our life experiences, our culture and religion and what we have read or seen others do. You may have had positive experiences as a child and want to do things the same way your parents did, or you might want to do things differently. When children feel understood they are more likely to listen to your guidance.

Studies show that there are four broad parenting styles. Parents may use a mix of these but tend to use one
the most.

  • Authoritarian style
  • Permissive style
  • Disengaged style
  • Supportive style

To find out much more about this have a look at the Parent Easy Guide Parenting style This guide was developed by Parenting SA. Parenting SA is a partnership between the Department for Education and Child Development and the Women’s and Children’s Health Network - South Australia

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