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Once you have found out that you are expecting twins it can very exciting. It can also be scary as you think about how you will manage two babies at once.

To find out more

The Raising Children Network (Australia) has a lot of information about twins including

Australian Multiple Birth Association:

Breastfeeding twins

Australian Breastfeeding Association

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby :  information, and pictures of feeding positions 

 father and twins

Bottle feeding twins

  • If you are bottle feeding your babies, if you can feed each baby separately this separate closeness and touching can help with bonding with the baby. If you try to feed them together you will find you are holding the bottles, not the babies!
  • Have a look at our topic 'Bottle feeding - feeding your baby with formula'for more information.

Resources South Australia

  • Parent Helpline 1300 364 100.
  • Child and Family Health Services nurses - call 1300 733 606 for an appointment
  • South Australian Multiple Births Association 
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