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Aboriginal parenting and families

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In Aboriginal culture parenting is often shared with grandparents, relatives, friends and those who care for children. To shape and influence a child's life is one of the most important things we can do.

Parenting SA has worked with closely with the Aboriginal community to develop a range of Aboriginal Parent Easy Guides for Aboriginal families. The links in this topic will take you to the guides.

Parenting SA is a partnership of the Department for Education and the Women’s and Children’s Health Network, South Australia. It:

  • promotes the important role of parents
  • acknowledges parents’ strengths, and the importance of parent wellbeing
  • helps parents build on their knowledge and confidence for parenting
  • recognises the diversity of family and cultural patterns, and that there is no one right way of parenting.


Aboriginal Parenting PEG 1


Healthy families  (Aboriginal Parent Easy Guide)  

Healthy families care about everyone’s physical and emotional health and wellbeing. When children are part of a healthy family they get a great start in life. This guide talks about the many things families can do to keep people as healthy as possible.

Safe families (Aboriginal Parent Easy Guide)

When babies and children feel safe and secure they can develop, learn and thrive in life. This guide talks about how a safe, loving home is important for everyone in the family.

Strong families  (Aboriginal Parent Easy Guide)

Strong families are the foundation of our Aboriginal community. In strong families everyone feels they have a place and that they belong. This guide talks about ways to keep your family well and strong.

Aboriginal Parenting PEG 2

There is a lot more information on a wide range of family and relationship issues, and how they affect the development of children and young people, in the Families and Relationships section of this website   

Being a parent

Aboriginal Parenting PEG 3

Having a baby changes your life - especially when it is your first! This guide provides new parents with information about what babies need. It encourages parents to connect with relevant local services and provides contact details for them.

Knowing what babies need can help you give them the best start in life.

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Being a mum

Being a mum 

Becoming a mother is the start of a journey that can bring great joy, pride and happiness as well as worries and challenges. Most mums work things out as they go along and grow into their role over time. The most important thing mothers can do is make sure children feel loved, safe and secure.

Being a dad

Being a dad  

Dads are very important in children’s lives. They can spend time with children and help them to learn. This guide provides dads with information on how they can help their children to grow and develop best.

Aboriginal Parenting PEG 4

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Aboriginal Parenting PEG 5

Grandparents  (Aboriginal Parent Easy Guide)

 Grandparents are very important to children. They give children love and help their 'grannies' to build identity as an Aboriginal person. This guide highlights the important role grandparents play in the raising of our children.

Children living with grandparents  (Aboriginal Parent Easy Guide)

Children can live with grandparents for lots of reasons, and for a short or long time. This guide provides information and further sources of support to help children and grandparents cope during this time.

Children's wellbeing

Children's wellbeing   (Aboriginal Parent Easy Guide)

 When children feel good about themselves they can cope more easily with life's ups and downs. This guide provides information on what children need to be happy and healthy. It also provides information about accessing support if you are worried about a child.

Raising strong children (Aboriginal Parent Easy Guide)

Children grow up strong when they feel loved and connected to family
and culture. When they are happy, healthy and confident they are better
able to deal with life’s ups and downs.

Grief and loss  (Aboriginal Parent Easy Guide)

Our families and communities are dealing with grief a lot of the time. When we feel overwhelmed with sadness we can forget that our children are grieving too. Children need our help to deal with their feelings and to make sense of it all.

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Aboriginal Parenting PEG 6

Teenagers  (Aboriginal Parent Easy Guide)

A loving family can help teenagers deal with the ups and downs of life. Even if children think they are a ‘big man’ or ‘big woman’, they need your guidance, love and support. This guide talks about how parents can help their children through the teenage years.

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Role models 

Role models  (Aboriginal Parent Easy Guide)

Our children have what it takes to achieve great success in life. Good role models can help them get there. This guide talks about how parents and family members are important role models for children, and how others in the community and media can influence children.

Aboriginal Parenting PEG 7


Support  (Aboriginal Parent Easy Guide)

Getting support when you need it is part of being a good parent. Seeking help early can stop problems from getting worse. There are many services available and this guide can help point you in the right direction.    

Aboriginal Parenting PEG 8

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