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Aboriginal - families that work well

Aboriginal; indigenous; families; family ;

"Hey, what you all doing Saturday? Come around to our place for a BBQ, unna?"

"Yeah OK - but what for?"

"No special reason; let's just get together, seems the only time we see each other is at funerals!"

Our family. The most important part of our kids' lives.

Our family, including our extended family, has a big influence on how well our kids are able to cope with the things they have to face in life. As they get older it is important for them to be a part of family talks.

Our family is our heart, beating for us as a people, and it carries our culture on. This binds us together in everything we do, what we say, and what we understand.

A loving and caring family circle can help kids have a good feeling about themselves and a good regard for others. In an unhappy, fearful family kids often can feel bad about themselves and couldn't care less about others.

We must make family time a special time and must keep in touch with our families and friends.

What do healthy families do?

We know that healthy families:

  • make time to talk and listen to each other
  • show feelings to each other, eg joy, excitement, anger and fear
  • listen! not only hear the words, but work out what kids are saying behind the words
  • give encouragement and show enjoyment and appreciation
  • let other family members know why they're special
  • hug, kiss and reward each other when it is needed
  • encourage the differences in each person
  • take time to ask what others have done each day
  • allow each other to be excited about their own personal interests
  • let family members feel proud to be themselves and to be who they are
  • believe and have trust in each other
  • get together and celebrate special occasions
  • support each other in times of grief and sorrow
  • make time to be together.

These places might be able to help you in South Australia

  • Family Well Being Program (08) 8463 4800
  • Nunkuwarrin Yunti (08) 8223 5011
  • Kura Yerlo (08) 8449 7367

There are many kinds of family and many ways
of parenting. Whatever "family" means to you it
is the most important part of your child's life.


Written by Ingrid O'Loughlin and Parenting SA
Artwork by Ingrid O'Loughlin

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