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Intellectual disability - children

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Children develop and learn at different rates and in different ways. However, some children will learn at a much slower rate than other children of the same age. This may be due to an intellectual disability.

Intellectual disability means that a child has difficulties learning the range of skills that will be needed to live and work in the community.

All people with intellectual disability can learn and develop. Many services are available to support people with disabilities and their families. There are organisations and services that can help you and your child if your child has a disability.

On the Raising Children Network website there is a lot of information about disabilities and also information which may help you navigate the 'system'.

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) 

    Association for Children with a Disability provides information, support and advocacy to families of children with a disability.

    Parenting SA A partnership between the Department for Education and the Women’s and Children’s Health Network. (South Australia)

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