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Baby exercise jumpers (jolly jumpers)

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A baby exercise jumper (sometimes called a jolly jumper) is a suspended sling-style seat hanging from a spring and/or rubber cable that is clamped above a door architrave. It is designed to support a baby, who is not yet ready to stand, in a semi-standing position with the baby's feet touching the floor. Babies bounce in the seat by pushing with their feet against the floor.

Child safety experts recommend that you don't use a jumper for your child and that a stationary play centre is a safer alternative. Some babies have been injured while using a jumper and overuse of the jumper could lead to delays when the child is learning to walk.

Allowing children to play on the floor where they can reach for objects, roll, creep and crawl is very important for their development.

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To help you decide whether you get a jumper have a look at this pamphlet on the Kidsafe SA website 

If you do choose to use a jumper there is information in this resource that can guide you when choosing and using a jumper.

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