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Swallowed objects - children swallowing small objects

swallow; swallowed; object; ;

Babies and young children learn about their world by putting things in their mouths and sometimes they will swallow small objects.

Some small objects will pass through a child's body without causing harm, but some may get stuck, while others can cause damage to the wall of the gut (such as small batteries), or pierce the gut.

It is important for you to make your home as safe as possible as soon as your baby starts to move around (most babies can move around by rolling or pulling themselves along several weeks or more before they can crawl).  

To read more

Royal Children's Hospital (Melbourne) Kids Info fact sheets

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  • Poisons Information Service 24 hours a day, every day 13 11 26
  • Kidsafe SA - for much more information about keeping babies and children safe. 
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