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Baby's head shape - plagiocephaly

misshapen; plagiocephaly; head; flat; spot; shape; deformed; deformity; skull; position; growth; uneven; face; asymmetrical;

It is common for a newborn baby to have an mis-shapened head.

Sometimes in the first 6 to 8 weeks after birth, a baby will develop a flattened spot (plagiocephaly) on the back or side of her head rather than having a rounded shape. This does not affect growth of the baby's brain, but it can cause uneven growth of the baby's face as well as her head.

Most children with plagiocephaly do not need to have any treatment. Their heads will become more rounded as they move more and begin to sit up. However it would be a good idea to get your baby's head shape checked regularly by your doctor if his or her head shape is not round. A physiotherapist will also be able to check your baby' head shape and help you work out what to do.

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