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Surviving sexual abuse - for parents

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Sexual abuse is a serious crime and can have many short and long term effects on a victim or survivor. The effects of sexual abuse are not the same for every person. People may feel a variety of emotions that depend on their own circumstances.

  • No person, male or female, young or older, has the right to make any child or young person do sexual things they would not have freely chosen to do, and are over the age of consent. 

As there can be so many effects from sexual abuse, people can have a difficult time emotionally dealing with so much at once. They may believe that the abuse has not affected them, but then they might feel emotions that they can't explain, or have sudden mood swings.

  • There is a topic on our pregnancy website called Survivors of child abuse - pregnancy as pregnancy and childbirth may be the triggers for difficult emotions relating to the abuse, and the abuse can be why survivors may have a lot of worries about examinations that will be needed during their pregnancy.

If you or someone you know are currently at risk or in a situation of abuse and live in South Australia, you can call 131 444 for Police assistance.

 The South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault offers a range of information resources  http://www.secasa.com.au 

Raising Children Network Raising Children website is produced with the help of an extensive network including the Australian Government.

Reachout  - a site for young people experiencing tough times

Resources for children, young people, adults and parents in Australia 

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