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Child development: 6-9 months

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Baby is starting to sit up, move by rolling, reach out and act on the world. Time playing on their tummy on the floor will strengthen their back and help them learn to crawl.

You and your baby are starting to feel (and act) like separate people.  He is starting to sit up, move by rolling, reach out and act on the world.  He worries that you might not come back when you go away from him and lets you know it. He will really enjoy himself when you give him lots of things to look at, touch, play with, and safely put in his mouth.

There are many topics on this site about babies and their development, including

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 The Raising Children Network website also has a lot of information about babies, including information about development, behaviour, fitness, health and daily care. As well as articles there are several videos. The Raising Children Network site has been funded by the Australian Government.

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