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Toilet training

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Learning to use the toilet is an important milestone for toddlers. It is a big step as they learn to understand their body’s signals and start being responsible for their own bodies.

Each child is different. Some seem to almost train themselves when they are ready, while others need some help from parents. The most important things are that your child is ready, and that you are relaxed and patient. Children want to please you, so praise and encouragement work best when they are learning new skills.

To find out more

To find out more about toilet training have a look at the  Parent Easy Guide Toilet training.

The Parent Easy Guide has been developed for Parenting SA  

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For support in South Australia if you are having problems with toilet training

Child and Family Health Service

  • Parent Helpline
    Phone 1300 364 100
    For advice on child health and parenting
  • Phone 1300 733 606, 9am-4:30pm, Mon to Fri for an appointment.

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