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Young people and parties

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Parents can feel concerned when young people want to have a party or attend celebrations such as a Schoolies Festival. Many worry about what can go wrong. However, parenting is about helping children learn to make good decisions in all situations, starting early. It can be rewarding to see them use the positive values you have helped them develop over time.

Why are parties important for young people?

Parties and socialising with peers is a fun way for young people to learn personal and social skills they need as they become adults. Parties can also be an opportunity to:

  • strengthen friendships and be accepted by a peer group
  • make new friends
  • show off friends to family
  • learn planning and entertaining skills.

For parents, parties can be a chance to see their children growing up and interacting with others as they become independent adults.

If you are having a party, it is important for adults to be involved even if young people do not want adults to be there. If the party is at your home you have a legal 'duty of care' for the young people who attend, and also a right to keep your property safe. It can be very helpful to have other adults there too.

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