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Coping skills (resilience)

stress; resilience; self esteem; change; comforters; ritual; self control; family break-up; support; problems; routine; resiliency; confident; confidence. ;

Resilience is a person's ability to cope with living in spite of stresses. We cannot always prevent things going wrong for our children, but we can help them build strengths so that they are more able to successfully face challenges and setbacks. Some people not only face and overcome a difficult situation; they can even be strengthened by it.

Resilience is about coping with problems, and building strengths that protect and promote well-being. If children have a lot of adverse things happening in their lives there will always be some effect on their well-being, but we now know much more about the things that will help protect them.

In any group of children who have faced big challenges or problems, there are some who grow up able to cope with living and caring for themselves and others who have long term difficulties.

For more about resilience

Have a look at this Parent Easy Guide developed by ParentingSA. Parenting SA is a collaboration between the Women's and Children's Health Network and the Department of Education, South Australia.

Parenting SA has also published several videos  including

  • Girls: resilience, respect and healthy relationships
  • Breaking the 'boy' code: teaching boys about respectful relationships.


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Resources in South Australia

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  • Child and Family Health Centres: Tel 1300 733 606
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  • Kids Helpline: Tel 1800 55 1800


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