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Release of the CaFHS Consultation Summary Report

Further to the consultations undertaken by the Child and Family Health Service earlier this year in relation to its proposed enhanced service delivery framework, a Consultation Summary Report (‘the Report’) had been developed and is now available. This provides an overview of the feedback received from CaFHS staff and stakeholders as a result of this consultation process. This Report:

  • Provides details of the consultation process to date and further consultation required
  • Highlights the key themes that have emerged from the feedback
  • Acknowledges and summarises other critical and pertinent points from the feedback received
  • Provides a set of overarching observations arising from the consultation process and the feedback received, noting some of the limitations of the consultation process and the impact this has had on feedback
  • Identifies the next steps for CaFHS including consultation.

It is intended that the Report will assist in considering any changes or enhancements that may need to be made to the proposed Framework before it is finalised; provide a basis to support associated decision-making for the future; and support communication with stakeholders regarding the outcome of the consultation process generally.

CaFHS acknowledge and sincerely thank all contributors who have taken the time to consider the discussion papers and to share their valuable thoughts, insights, concerns and overall constructive feedback.

Annual Reports

The activities of the Child and Youth Health web site are recognised in the annual reports of the Women's and Children's Health Network (WCHN).

These reports are located on the Women's and Children's Health Network web site.

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