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It’s Spring!
16 Oct 2017

Spring is in the air!!

Everywhere gardens are looking good, parklands are green, blossom is coming out on fruit trees and the world is a colourful, sweet smelling place, full of butterflies, bees and — pollen.

If you suffer from seasonal asthma now is the time to check that your inhalers and preventers are not out of date. Pollens can cause a lot of misery for people who suffer from asthma.

Check out our topic Asthma - managing your asthma.

Pollens can also be bad for people who get hay fever, so, check with mum, dad or whoever looks after you that there are anti histamine tablets , nasal sprays or eye drops in the medicine cupboard or fridge.

Click here to find out more about Hay fever

Spring can be a worrying time for people who have other allergies too.
Our topic Allergies - general has lots of helpful information. Look at the related topics to find out more.

Now that the days are getting longer and warmer chances are that we will all be spending more time outdoors. Don’t forget to  Slip, slop, slap, seek and slide.

 sun safe

 Have a look at the topic Sunburn for more ideas about protecting yourself.