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When you need to say "Sorry"
10 Jul 2017

What are you up to during these holidays?

It's been pretty cold and rainy here in South Australia so you may not have been outside much.

Being inside can get a bit boring after a while, even if you have computer games. When people get bored they sometimes get a bit grumpy and start taking out their bad feelings on those around them.

Maybe you said something bad to someone or even started a fight?

Well, instead of sulking around and spoiling the day, why not say "sorry" and make things right again?

Saying sorry isn’t easy. No-one likes to be wrong, or feel that they need to apologise. No-one likes to make mistakes and feel that people are blaming you.

But everyone does make mistakes, everyone does things without thinking, everyone feels upset by the words or actions of others at times.

Our topic, I’m sorry talks about that sort of stuff. The kids who trialed this topic had lots to say and we all had an interesting time together talking about mistakes we had made and how we tried to fix them.

Saying sorry isn’t easy but it’s something we all need to say to each other at times. Then we can all be friends again. Being friends is so much better than feeling sad and maybe even ashamed of yourself for being mean and hurting someone’s feelings, isn’t it?

And maybe next time you are upset about something you will stop yourself before you do or say something which you could feel sorry about later.