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Back to school – Yay!
28 Jan 2016

Start of the new school year. Time to catch up with old friends and a chance to make new ones too.

Will you be with the same kids or teacher as last year?

Will you be in a different class?

Will you be in another school where you will be the new kid!?

Starting a new school year is exciting and maybe a bit scary too.

So, get yourself organised. Get your books, uniform, sports gear and other stuff together a few days before – then you are not racing round at the last minute in a panic.

Did you empty and clean your backpack at the start of your holidays, or have you just found all sorts of smelly stuff in there? e.g. socks, sports gear, half-eaten food, etc. Yuk!

Or maybe you are getting a new school bag? Do you have a backpack to carry your stuff in?

Then read our topic on Backpacks – or how to carry your life around with you. You don’t want to start the year by hurting yourself, or others,by lugging a big, unbalanced bag around. Some kids use a wheel around bag nowadays.

Get your lunch box organised and check your water bottle is still okay and not leaking. Our topic A healthy lunchbox has some great ideas.

Give yourself a great start to the year by reading our topic Getting clever. It won’t turn you into the brain of the century, but there are some great ideas to help you make the most of what you’ve got.

There lots of other topics in the Your school category about making friends, dealing with problems, bullying and a whole heap more.

So, get organised, make a great start to a great new year and have fun!