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Social skills
09 Nov 2015

Every week we get feedback from the people using our site. Not all of them are kids. Many parents, teachers and other adults take the time to thank us, make helpful comments and ask questions by using the feedback button on the right of every topic.

In one of our topics, ’Social skills’ there is a survey for people to fill in .You can choose 5 social skills which you think are the most important for people to be able to get on well in their lives. Then you can choose the skill that you think is the most important and tell us why.

The 5 most important skills according to all those who have contributed to the survey so far are:

  • Respect
  • Accepting differences
  • Listening
  • Friendship
  • Cooperation

Many people chose respect as the most important because as many people wrote, 'Respecting yourself and others includes most of the other skills.'

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Maybe you’d like to do the survey too?