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Take charge of yourself
27 Aug 2015

So, what does that mean?

Well we are all influenced by what’s happening around us and we all want to ‘fit in’ with others we know.

But, if we are not careful we can become someone other than who we really are! We can find ourselves going along with others and finding ourselves in trouble.

We may find ourselves:

  • watching someone being bullied or even joining in the bullying
  • gossiping and spreading rumours
  • behaving in a disrespectful way
  • making bad choices
  • losing good friends
  • letting ourselves down.

Think about yourself.

We have given you some direct links to topics which may help you. Just click and read the topics which you think will help you to be your own happy self (and look at the 'Related Topics' on the right hand side of each topic page).