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Say sorry
06 May 2015

No matter how clever you are... no matter how well behaved you are... no matter how hard you try... there will come a time when you will make a mistake, do the wrong thing, break something, or upset others by doing or not doing something which hurts them or their feelings.

Pretending that you didn’t do it isn’t an option, because whether you admit your mistake or not, YOU know what you did or said or didn’t do.

Saying sorry may be embarrassing but it’s a start.

Showing that you are sorry takes more effort. My mum used to say, ”Don’t just say sorry, show me sorry.’

Making a mistake is something we all do from time to time .Being sorry and trying to put things right may not always be easy but we can learn from mistakes and become better people by ‘showing ‘ sorry as well as saying sorry.

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