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Feelings matter
23 Feb 2015

Everyone has feelings. Our senses record what we see, hear, taste, touch and smell and send those messages to the brain. We react by feeling happy, sad, afraid, hurt, revolted or a whole lot of other feelings.

Because everyone has feelings, we can empathise [say em-path-eyes] with how other people feel as well .’Empathise’ means we can understand and almost feel what they are feeling.

We also have a sixth sense. This is when we may feel that we are in danger, know that someone is not to be trusted, know that someone really likes us and maybe even that something is going to happen before it actually does.

We can be aware of our feelings, ignore them, even give in to our feelings but we don’t often spend time thinking about our feelings. Maybe we should? Feelings can lead to making choices, which could be good or bad for ourselves and others.

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