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Keep safe in the long holidays
30 Dec 2013

It's holiday time! Lots more time for yourself, no school for weeks, time to have fun!

But be careful.

Did you know that most accidents which happen to kids take place in their own homes or the homes of friends?

These topics can help you keep yourself safe.

The Slip slop slap seek wrap message is well known and of course you wear a hat if you are outdoors at school. But, do you remember when you are at home, at the beach, or out with friends?

Our topic Sunburn will remind you how important it is to make sure you are protecting your delicate skin during the summer holidays.

Maybe you are at the beach or river, dam or creek. It's fun to play in water on a hot day but you need to be aware of the dangers of playing near water and keep an eye out for younger kids.

Many accidents can be caused by water and our topic Water safety at home has some tips on keeping yourself and others safe in the most dangerous place of all - your home!

OK,  that's enough about danger! Holidays are a great time to have some time to yourself, be with your family, hang out with friends, go to sporting clinics, swimming lessons, watch movies, go for walks, bike rides and make more of your own choices about what do with your time.

And if it gets boring after a while… (I heard you say "As if!") then no worries – it will soon be time to go back to school for a whole new year!