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Christmas is for everyone
16 Dec 2013

It's that time of year again. How many of you saw the Christmas pageant in Adelaide? Over the years it's become the "official start to the build up to Christmas. On TV and in the shops, in the junk mail and adverts, everywhere we look we see pictures of kids with huge expensive presents.

All the Christmas movies show kids having great feasts of food and piles of presents around the huge and beautiful Christmas tree.

In real life it is not always like that.

  • Maybe your family hasn't got much money.
  • Maybe your mum or dad is out of work.
  • Maybe your family cannot be together for some reason.
  •  Maybe someone in the family is sick or even in hospital
  • Maybe you don't have a family.
  • Maybe your family do not celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is really a Christian celebration of the birthday of Jesus Christ and Australia is traditionally a Christian country.

Usually we only expect to get birthday presents when it is our own birthdays.

But, over the more than 2000 years since Jesus was born the way in which his birthday is celebrated has changed.

Santa Claus, Christmas trees, lots of food, presents for everyone. Christmas cards and all kinds of other traditions have been added to the birthday celebration and it has now become a time of great expense and stress for parents and care givers, especially if they cannot afford to buy their kids the things that they would like.

Let them know that the way they look after you all the time is more important to you than expensive presents once a year.

Remember that many people in Australia do not celebrate Christmas but we can all take part in the real message of Christmas.

We can care about each other, be happy with what we've got and try to help others who are less fortunate than ourselves at this special time of the year.

(And if you are a "rich kid" maybe you could buy a gift for a kid your age and send it to one of the charities who try to make Christmas a bit special for kids who are not as lucky as you?)