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Bullying - and girls
02 Dec 2013

When anyone says 'Bullying', people think about hitting and hurting, ganging up on someone or teasing someone. Sometimes bullying can be a lot more hidden, especially between girls!

Girls don't often get into the beating each other up stuff but they do things which are sometimes even more hurtful.

  • They leave people out, like asking 3 of their friends round to their house and leaving out the fourth friend. Imagine how that feels!
  • They influence others to join in against one other girl. Everyone else making nasty remarks or ignoring one person.
    How would that person feel?
  • They say things like, "You can't be our friend if you hang out with her."
    Would you understand that if it were happening to you?
  • They act like the 'fashion police' and tease someone who is not wearing exactly the same as their group, including the 'right' brand.
    How awful is that for someone whose parents can't or won't buy the expensive stuff that you may have grown out of in the next three weeks!
  • They start false rumours that suggest all sorts of bad things about one particular person.
    What if you heard stories about what you were supposed to have said or done?
  • They pass notes around making fun of someone or telling tales about someone or their family.
    (You need to be very careful about telling secrets to people as some people are not really your friends and would use the information to embarrass you later in this way).
  • They get hold of someone's email address or mobile number and pass it round then send awful, sometimes threatening messages without saying who they are.
    How scary is that?

If you are doing some of this stuff or you are the victim of it then you should realise that it is not OK.

If you are suffering this stuff, then look at our topic on dealing with bullies for some ideas on how to deal with it.

Keep complaining and telling everyone until something is done about it.

And if you are someone who is turning someone else's life into a sad and frightening place then STOP NOW!

Think about how you would feel if this were to happen to you.

These topics may help.