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Can you swim?
18 Nov 2013

Australia is an island. That means we are completely surrounded by water.

Not everyone lives near the coast so some of you may not have actually had the chance to swim or play around in the waves.

However, many people in Australia live near rivers, creeks or lakes. Some people have a swimming pool or can go to their friend’s pool. There may be a swimming pool at your school or in your community.

When the weather is hot it is great to be able to play and relax in cool water. But water can be dangerous, especially for young children.

Did you know that kids have more accidents at home than anywhere else?

Look at our topic on Water safety at home.

Can you swim?

During the long summer holidays, if you live in South Australia you can learn how to swim in special programs.

To find out more look at this site:

You can find out where, when, how much, and even enrol online. Be quick as these lessons are very popular and you learn a lot about water safety as well as how to swim.

If you don’t get to go the beach very often then it’s a good idea to look at our topic on Keeping safe at the beach. Swimming or playing in the sea is different to being in a pool.

Have fun and stay cool and SAFE this summer.