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Keeping clean keeps you healthy
28 Oct 2013

Feedback from you this week included a letter saying that not keeping clean gives bacteria and mites the chance to breed.

We have many topics you can read to find out more about keeping yourself clean.

Here are some of them.

It's not just about keeping your body clean though.

You need to be careful about other things like:

  • how you prepare and eat food
  • clean habits using the lavatory (loo) – like cleaning up spills, flushing after using
  • cleaning the washbasin and taps after you use it to wash off dirt
  • changing your bedsheets and airing pillows and bedclothes
  • keeping your room clean , including under the bed!
  •  keeping your clothes and shoes clean
  • keeping away from others when you or they are sick
  • drinking clean water
  • cleaning and covering sores

Don't worry too much about all this – our bodies do have defence systems to help us deal with those pesky germs, but we can help ourselves and those around us if we are careful.