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Using our site as a reference
17 Jun 2013

Lots of you have asked about using our site as a reference for your work.

When you are listing where you got your information you will usually write the name of the author. Our site is a Government site so we don’t list authors’ names. You can just write instead of a name.

This is how to give this information from any of our topics that you want to list.

  • (website name)
  • date reviewed, which is listed at the end of the topic (month and year when it was reviewed by an expert)
  • title of the article (for example, 'Bone fractures - when you break a bone')
  • the date you read the article  (the day/month/year)
  • the website URL for that article (this is what's in the web browser bar, which starts http://...)

We know from your feedback that many kids, parents and teachers use this site for information and as a reference.

Now you know how to write where you got your information.