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Are you ready for colder weather?
03 Jun 2013

Did you notice that a week after the clocks went back the days turned

cooler? We even had some rain!

Autumn is a time for change. The leaves on some trees change colours, nights get colder and we change from cricket to football.

It’s time to get out warmer clothes and waterproof jackets. It’s time to put away thongs and get out shoes and boots—I wonder how many of you have found that your feet have grown during the hotter weather?

Some of you will be having vaccinations against the latest flu viruses.

It’s time to check asthma plans and medications for those who have asthma triggered by cold air.

Cold weather can mean that you don’t get outside as often, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sit around. Make sure that you get some exercise every day. You won’t feel cold if you are walking, running or cycling, and moving around will make you feel good.

Being out in the rain will not make you sick, but sitting around and shivering in wet clothes is uncomfortable –and sometimes smelly- so remember to wear a jacket which you can take off when you get inside.

Staying active and warm, getting fresh air whenever you can and wearing warmer clothes and shoes is a great way to enjoy the colder seasons.

Our topics on Exercise  and Fitness have some good ideas on how you can keep active.